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What do the riders have to say?

I have know Elliot Artois for about 10 months. He has my utmost admiration for his well behaved and trained horses. Specifically his stallion Lestat is a shining example of what kind of trainer Elliot is. Extremely knowledgeable and kind. Fun to be around and wonderful to talk to. He actually went out of his way to obtain a copy of a test that I needed at a show even though he was busy with his own horses.

We have known Elliot Artois for a long time. Elliot came into our lives when my granddaughter Maraya needed a trainer to boost her confidence and push her to be the best she could be. He has patience and kindness towards animals and people. He is awesome. He is a true equestrian friend. Thanks Elliot for all you do

Teresa Ford

Elliot is a sweetheart.. Smart, funny, compassionate not only with animals but people as well and has a infectious smile.

Genn Hathaway

An amazing trainer to new, never-been-on-a-horse, riders and even special needs kids!! This is so huge and I love him for that!

Kami Bowman

He is the sweetest and he always put the health and safety of both horse and rider first.

Valerie Woodman

Elliot is the best coach I have ever had. He loves his horses and cares about his students. He knows what he is doing very well and has a ton of experience. He is extremely passionate in teaching us the correct, proper ways of riding while making practices fun and educational. I am so grateful to have him as my coach.

Kavreen Jheeta

Amazing instructor! He explains everything so well and makes sure I understand! He's super fun and well balanced instructor! I would definitely recommend him to any beginner!

Ty Ferguson

I am a first time horse owner and brought my horse to board after purchasing him when he was 4. Elliot was so wonderful with me, answering questions, directing me, and eventually giving me lessons on more challenging groundwork and eventually riding. It was a very comfortable experience, not to mention fun. I always felt at ease to express my goals and he always was ready to challenge me and my horse. Highly recommend.

Samantha Jo Fry

Elliot is a great coach and trainer! All of his horses I absolutely love! Elliot is really good at teaching whether it's to one student or more. He always explains how to do things extremely well and tells you how to do it correctly and why and what to expect. Elliot is great on knowing when to push you to the next level and when you need to slow it down. Elliot is the best coach I have ever had!

Elizabeth Taylor

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