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Thoroughbred X Friesian
May, 17th 2021


Claudia is a lovely long legged filly, recently born to our wonderful Thoroughbred mare, Moira and our beautiful Friesian stallion, Lestat. Claudia shares her mothers curious and kind personality with plenty of spunk to keep us on our toes! 
She was born at 11:11pm on a Monday night which makes her a very lucky girl and we expect her to go far in whatever her life turns out to be! She is bred with the show ring in mind but would excel in anything! Her dam is being trained for jumping with the eventual goal of mid level eventing while her sire will hopefully be entering the dressage show arenas shortly. Claudia is expected to mature to around 16.2 if not taller. Her long legs give her fluid movement and grace while her short back ads elevation and a very natural self carriage most of us work years and years to achieve. We can see her being a wonderful mount for any type of rider and will be able to accomodate most disciplines!

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