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What to Expect

Breeding FAQ

May I come meet the Stallion?

Absolutely. Lestat is available for meet and greets almost any day of the week. We do not accept drop ins so please contact us to make an appointment. Lestat is currently residing in Southern Oregon with his trainer Stephanie Snyder. Please contact Stephanie to arrange a meet and greet. 1-541-821-4118

Can I test ride Lestat

We would love to share him with everybody but that is not a possibility for many reasons. If you would like to see him under saddle or free moving in the arena, please let us know when you schedule your meet and greet appointment.

Can I use my own vet?

YES! You vet is paramount in making this breeding happen. We are more than happy to work with your preferred vet in tracking your mares reproductive cycle and scheduling the optimal time for breeding. When your mare is ready, please have your vet call South Side Equine to schedule collection and shipping. South Side Equine Clinic can be reached at: (541) 862-2511

Can the foal be registered?

Yes! All foals can be registered with Heritage Horse. 


How do I secure a breeding?

In order to secure a space in Lestats book, we must have a signed contract and booking deposit on file. We cannot hold spaces in Lestats book without submission of a signed contract and booking fee deposit. It’s always a good practice to give us a call or send an email if you do not hear from us within a few days of submitting a contract to verify its receipt.

How do we get started?

NOTE: Breeding for 2023 is hosted in Southern Oregon at South Side Equine Clinic. Bo and Cori are happy to schedule shipment and inseminate your mare but will not be providing onsite-in hand breeding services to Lestat this year.  


Congratulations! You have chosen Lestat as the worthy sire to your mares offspring! In order to get the ball rolling we have a few requirements first: 

Please contact Bo Weeks/ Rocky Bay Equine and let them know you are interested in breeding to Lestat. Schedule an estrus check at the place of your choosing with your vet or ours (we are happy to host here). Bo can guide you on choosing the optimal time for breeding your mare! This is when it gets exciting! 

Send over the non refundable booking deposit and signed contract to us asap! Without this we will not be able to hold your breeding reservation! 

Please note that non maiden mares must have a clean culture and be reproductive sound prior to breeding. All maiden mares are exempt from cultures unless they have had uterine infections or difficulties cycling in the past. 

When your mare comes over for breeding, we hope that it will go quickly. Things happen though and stuff gets in the way so be prepared to leave her here for a couple hours or bring a chair! Bo and his awesome assistance Cori will handle both the Mare and Stallion so that you can watch and learn! After breeding, you are welcome to load up and go home.

Do you offer Artificial Insemination?

Yes we do. We offer collection and AI through South Side Equine Clinic located in Grants Pass Oregon.  

Do you offer frozen semen?

Yes but not quite yet.  Lestat will be collected, frozen, and stored this year with South Side Equine Clinic. As of May 2023 we DO NOT have frozen available but we are getting the ball rolling on that. 

Do you offer a Live Foal Guarantee?

Yes! We include a Live Foal Guarantee with our breeding contracts. A Live Foal is one that stands and nurses within 24 hours.

Do you breed on the weekends?

South Side Equine offers collection on Monday-Friday between 8-9am. A note from the reproductive specialist handling Lestat: Just in case he doesn't collect or we have any other issue we still have time to try a second time without missing our pick up deadline for shipping. We ask that the vet watching the mare contact us when they need a collection. We ask for a 24 hour notice. Once we get a notice we will call the stallion owner and organize the collection time. Most of our stallions are either Monday-Friday or Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

Do you have any breed or height restrictions?

No! Lestat can be bred to all breeds, shapes and sizes. 

Is there mare care offered or included?

For the 2023 season, we are not hosting mare care unless you are using our personal vet for your reproduction needs. If that is the case, hauling to and from the vet will be available at an additional charge. We are not hosting any ON- SITE breeding during 2023.

I think my mare is in heat now, what do I do?

Great! If you haven't already, please have your vet contact South Side Equine Clinic at (541) 862-2511 to arrange collection and shipping. Collection is available Monday-Friday. 

Who is your reproduction vet and how do I contact them?

We use Bo Weeks of Rocky Bay Equine


You are welcome to use them for your breeding needs. 

For 2023, Bo and Cori will be offering estrus checks, timing, and boarding for artificial insemination at their facility in Vaughn, Wa. We love Bo and Cori and highly recommend them for all of your breeding needs. They can schedule the optimal breeding time for your mare and make all collection and shipping arrangements. 

What if my mare doesn't take the first try?

Sometimes things happen that are out of our control. We are not here to break your bank and we understand how stressing breeding can be for everyone involved. Because of this, we offer 3 cycles per contract with multiple covers. 

If your mare scans open on her 16-18 day pregnancy scan we are happy to breed her 2 more times before we require a new contract and reproductive health check. All mares must have a 16-18 day check to confirm pregnancy. If your mare scans open at 30 days with no prior check at 16-18 days the offer is void and will not be honored. 


What if my mare isn't receptive to live cover?

We completely understand that sometimes breeding doesn't go as planned. We use a big teasing wall to introduce Lestat to the mare and give them plenty of time to get acquainted while insuring the safety of both handlers and horses. 
Most of the time mares that aren't initially receptive come around after a few minutes and are happy to stand and support mounting. Only then will we bring Lestat into position for cover. If your mare puts her foot down and says "NO!" we regroup and discuss AI. We do not charge another breeding fee if AI is used after a failed Live Cover attempt.
Collection and handling will still be charged and paid to our standing vet.

Where do I find breeding contracts?

At the moment we are happy to email over a copy of our contracts. Soon we hope to provide a download link for easy access to all of our contracts.

Will you come to me?

Not at this time. 

I have a mare currently nursing a foal. Can we still breed?

This one is a little tricky. In short, YES! We are more than happy to breed to a nursing mare if your vet approves!

All nursing mares must have a wellness check prior to booking and must be accompanied with a vets note stating the mare is in breeding condition. We will not accept mares that appear underweight or malnourished in any way, shape, or form. 

I am not happy with my service and demand a refund!

We are so sorry to hear that! We strive to uphold and surpass expectation and we are truly sorry if we have let you down. 

We do not issue refunds for services rendered but if there is a remaining balance due we are happy to waive that depending on the circumstance. 

We reserve the right to deny services to anyone and we are not required to waive or dissolve any remaining balances.  If you feel the need to request a refund or that we waive your balance, please remember to be polite and thorough in your explanation. We absolutely will NOT issue refunds or waive balances for those who approach us in a verbally volatile or demanding manner. 

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