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Elliot Who?

Elliot Reutlinger, also  known as Elliot Artois, is a fun-loving equestrian with a passion for performance and an eye-catching style. Be it in the show arena on his favorite mount or on a stage under lights, Elliot, has his smile on and is ready to go.

Elliot has been riding all his life and has over two decades of equestrian experience that he can't wait to share with you! He has always had a love for the equestrian arts. The building blocks for the foundation of his passion include everything from dressage to medieval performance riding! A well-rounded rider, you’ll find Elliot is knowledgeable, friendly, and easy to get along with. He is an open book overflowing with tips, tricks, and fun facts that can be applied to almost any form of riding!

Elliot's life has always revolved around horses, and he has spent years learning how to build a beautiful working relationship with his horses on the ground and under saddle. Elliot’s chosen discipline is English, with a focus on dressage, jumping, and lower-level eventing. He firmly believes the base of all riding starts with learning how to understand and communicate with these big, beautiful animals. 

​Elliot goes beyond the basics in his training by including the mechanics of the horse into each lesson. He has spent years furthering his equestrian education, in the classroom and in the saddle. Learning the "why" behind different movements and techniques has helped him excel in his riding style, and he is eager to share all of his knowledge with his students.

From a strict riding schedule to a lazy horse day, Elliot is devoted to encouraging and strengthening the physical and mental well-being of his two- and four-legged clients. 

When Elliot has some time to himself, he enjoys riding in musical freestyles and other events where his flamboyant personality and love for music are gracefully joined with his passion for the equestrian arts. 

References gladly supplied on request

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