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Lafayette "Laffy"




6 years old

17.2 hands

14k Non negotiable 

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Laffy is a large 17.2hh Friesdale gelding, expected to reach 18 hands! He was started gently with a basic dressage foundation at 3 years old and has moved easily into solid flat work and some lower level jumping! He has schooled cross country but has never experienced a show jumping arena and he has made plenty of appearances at local schooling shows. So far nothing rated. This year he took a big step and filled in as a lesson horse for my program but the inconsistency between rider capabilities was a struggle for him and he became easily frustrated.
Lafayette has jumped up to 3ft and has been in a jump shoot a couple years ago at 4ft. He is a bulky boy and can be a little push pully in the bridle once in a while but nothing unmanageable by any means. You can feel the earth shake during his canter and gallop and he sure does love to jump! I have topped him at 2'9 just because of his size, but with joint and structural maintenance I'm sure he could go higher if someone wanted to take him there. He has also ridden easily on trails and can follow or lead. He doesn't care.
Laffy is huge in body and in mind. He'd rather go slow than fast but has some really good get up and go when it's asked. He isn't one to refuse jumps but if the set up isn't right he will casually take you around with more than enough notice to redirect and try again. He's really a very polite boy that just wants to please and work with his rider.
I would not recommend him for a beginner rider. He's just not a good fit for a rider still learning how to direct without a question mark and he is a draft so he's a bit heavy to carry around sometimes. He loves direction and he looks for it, he responds wonderfully and makes an amazing partner to a competent rider. Even an Advanced beginner with a solid walk and trot foundation could easily ride him on the flat or over fences.
Lafayette unfortunately just doesn't fit the direction of my program anymore and in order to move forward there needs to be some changes and he's telling me as best as his big softy self can, that he's not happy anymore. As much as I want to keep him it wouldn't be fair to him.
At this point, he could go any direction so if jumping isn't in the cards, he can do something else. He would probably make a wonderful western on the flat horse but not for gaming. He thrives on consistency but he won't lose his mind if he has a couple weeks off once in a while (that would be too much effort). I personally believe that young horses should always be given the option to grow with themselves and he's been given time off before and come out of it barely missing a beat.
Priority for his new home goes to someone interested in purchasing him but I will consider a paid off site lease to own care contract for the perfect party. His asking price is very negotiable for outright purchase but non negotiable if a lease to own contract is opened.

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