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10 years old
15 hands
8k negotiable


Lucy is a 10 year old Andalusian cross that has been living life up as an advanced lesson horse for jumping hopeful to Novice with a eye at Training level. Unfortunately Lucy has made it very clear she is not at all interested in being a lesson horse and would really like her very own rider to experience the rest of under saddle life with.
Lucy has been with me for the last 5 years and has lovingly been described as "The Spicy Mare". When I got her she was broke to saddle and knew the basics of movement. After introducing her to a handful of flat work, I found her love for jumping and haven't looked back! She is incredibly sensitive and even the slightest adjustment makes a huge difference in her response. She is NOT beginner safe and although she isn't a "mean" horse, she can come off as an intimidating mount to less confident individuals. I have put riders on her that have years of experience and she has been able to make them look like they've never ridden before, I've also put a western to English transplant on her and she was wonderful. Under saddle she needs consistent and clear direction. She thinks she knows what she wants and how to do it but she relies heavily on her rider for guidance and accuracy even when she thinks she knows it all. When she and her rider click it is a beautiful match and she is flawless under a confident guide but she will test you every time you get on her even if you ride her every day. That's just Lucy.
She has been my own personal jumping horse at home and we were supposed to have a debut for her first season with beginner novice shows right as Covid hit. We stayed home and worked more on technique and response which has been coming along beautifully and she was bred to our stallion for her second foal with us.

Lucy's perfect forever home is with an experienced, confident rider that can give her more attention than a couple rides a week and has an interest in continuing or at least maintaining her jumping. She absolutely loves jumping and she is incredibly good at it. We commonly use it as a reward to good flat work (which she is capable of but would prefer to fly instead). She has been schooled on a cross country course a handful of times and we've had no issues.

Lucy has not been under saddle since the beginning of July when she had her colt. She will be back under saddle lightly by mid-end of August. Meet and greets and multiple test rides are highly encouraged and can be scheduled easily.

Delivery is available free within 1 hour of Olympia Washington. Delivery outside of that can be discussed for a fuel charge.

Video is of an advanced student riding with my personal instructor as a gift earlier this year. They did great!


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