Sendipity "Spark"

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17 years old



Spark is a 17 year old Thoroughbred mare who race and retired sound at 9 years old. She has a partial cloud in her right eye but it doesn't seem to bother her. We do try to keep a flymask on but she disagrees. 

Spark joined us in September this year She was purchased at the Enumclaw auction, passed her vet check up, and settled in quick! She is an absolute doll and was supposed to be a first horse for a little girl who was eager to learn EVERYTHING! Life has it's hiccups though and after thinking it through, her little owner has opted to put Spark up for adoption but she wants to make sure she goes to her forever and ever perfect home. 

She stands in the cross ties and for the farrier. Right now she has front shoes and has never had any lameness issues with us. Her feet are in good shape too which can be a hit or miss with Thoroughbreds. She has a beautiful trot and a decent looking canter on and off the lunge line. After working through some anxiety during the tacking up process, Spark has been gently restarted under saddle. 

Spark is looking for a calm and confident rider. Spark needs time to be introduced back into work. She doesn't like being rushed but catches on quickly. She is smart and focuses pretty well but needs direction and patience. She would thrive with an intermediate or advanced rider looking for a project and she would probably excel in the dressage arena as well. We have no reason to think she wouldn't make a decent jumper either! With her energy and drive we will not be selling her to trail or beginner homes. She needs a schedule and regular work to maintain consistency. 

Spark is papered with The Jockey Club and registered with AQHA #T0613102

From her little owner: Spark is an awesome horse. She is super sweet and loves her face scratched. She lets you walk all around her and pet her all over. She really likes her face pets. She likes to run really really fast. 

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